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Emerging Technology and Business Consulting for Enterprises, Small Business and Individuals
Strategize. Reimagine. Collaborate.


We are business consultants, domain  and technology experts guiding enterprises, small businesses, and family offices on emerging technologies and emerging business models.


ChainAim helps future-proof your business as the emerging tech and business evolve, based on rigorous research, academic-industry collaborations, and trend analysis and makes your Enterprise, Small business connect to the customers in the rapidly changing technology, business and regulatory landscape.


  • Emerging Technology & Business Planning Evaluation

  • Innovation Discovery & Research

  • Strategy & Planning

  • Emerging Technology Infrastructure​

    • Cloud Infrastructure Analysis​

    • Low Cost Alternatives

    • Blockchain Infrastructure Provisioning

    • Optimize AI Loads

    • Privacy Enabled Web3 Digital Engagement

  • Compliance

  • Talent & Training


Payments. Supply Chain. Export-Import. Working Capital Management.International Trade. Gaming. Content-Marketing. Insurance. Healthcare. 

Emerging Technologies 

Blockchain-Solidity. Rust. Move. ZK. Distributed AI-Python. TensorFlow. EZKL

Emerging Capabilities

Content. NFTs. Web3 Consumer Digital Engagement. DeFi. Institutional DeFi. Real World Assets. Tokenization

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